This has been a rather slow week, but this month really is surprisingly full, and when I look at the calendar, the month is speeding by. The moments just seem slow. Because I don’t have much energy or motivation to write in paragraphs, I give you a bullet post of February’s milestone’s here at Reproducing Genius:

  • This past week, we had our one-year anniversary of moving here. This was also the one-year anniversary of leaving our isolated existence in Humboldt County. We miss it sometimes, especially the redwoods, the ocean, and our old, dear friends, but it is so nice to live in civilization, to have access to the city, to have sunlight so regularly. This has been a difficult year for us, admittedly, but we have also had some great fun and some important self-discoveries. We’re hoping that the coming year finds us more settled and with some local friends.
  • Last week was my sister’s birthday. We get to see her this weekend at my brother’s wedding, and a week thereafter, she is coming her with her baby so that she can go to a conference for work. This means we get to babysit our wonderful, cuddly eight-month-old niece. That will be delightful.
  • This week I hit ten weeks on Thursday. Ten whole weeks. That’s just two weeks(ish) until the end of the first trimester. It’s just one week until our next OB appointment. We found out yesterday that our current insurance is going to extend for at least another month, and that once we do switch, we’ll have access to the same OB. This is a relief because if finances dictate that I have to work with an OB, I’d rather it was her.
  • Friday is J’s half birthday. Like most people, I stopped counting my half birthdays when I was about ten. Imagine how embarrassing it is for me when my wife announces that she’s 36 and a half. Really, you’d think she’d get over it by now, but noooo. I’m not sure if this is any better than when she tells people she’s fifty-five, just to see their reactions. (See the flickr photos for pictures of her if this doesn’t make sense–she’s the youngest looking 36.-year-old I’ve seen.)
  • J’s half birthday is also, sadly, the nine-year anniversary of her parents’ passing. This was just two years into our relationship. They passed away on the same day. I don’t believe we have told the story here, but they were both sick with separate illnesses. Her mom had cancer, and her dad had complications after a surgery for colitis. Her dad was in a hospital, and her mom was at home. In the middle of the night, her mom passed away in J’s brother’s arms. Just fifteen minutes later, he received a phone call from the hospital that their dad had passed. This was a huge blow, but J and her brother always knew they would go together. And they did. It’s a sad but beautiful story. It always has been.
  • Saturday is Valentine’s Day. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We hate it. I have always hated it. J and I celebrate our love on a regular basis. We give each other flowers and little tokens of our love on days when we feel like it. We hate all the pink of that day, all the commercialism, all the obligation, and all the people who are left out. It’s icky.
  • Conveniently enough, then, my brother is getting married on Valentine’s Day. My brother is one of my favorite people in the whole world, so this is very exciting. He and his fiance are very traditional, however, so this is going to be quite an event. We have to go to a rehearsal dinner. We’re being seated at tables with placecards. Neither of us is entirely comfortable with it, especially because the fiance’s family is made up of right-wing Christian conservatives. Luckily, we have our wacky side of the family to buffer us from it all. It should be a good time.

And there you have it, our February. It’s an interesting little month this year, and honestly, I hope it goes by quickly.



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6 responses to “milestones

  1. Let’s hear it for 10 weeks!

    It’s totally funny that J celebrates her half-birthday. lol.

    Now just make sure to be all cute, affectionate, and excited about your pregnancy at the rehearsal dinner 😀

  2. hw

    While we don’t actively celebrate 1/2 birthdays, when we first became a couple we acted like we were 12 and then created fractional birthdays at random intervals just for fun. We had cake at 12 1/4, sparklers at 12 3/16 (notice that the fractions aren’t in order) just to celebrate. I hope, however, that you don’t need the excuse of a 1/2 birthday just to have cake!

  3. Jodi

    My God! You mention that it’s your half birthday JUST ONCE and for the rest of your life you’re a weirdo.



  4. tbean

    Wow J and T. I cannot imagine what you went through losing J’s parents on the same day. That is an incredible story and it’s been in my head all afternoon since I first read it. Love and strength to you. Half birthdays and weddings and 10 week marks are great things to have during such a painful anniversary.

  5. A

    First, 10 Weeks! Congrats.

    You have had a busy month. I like that your DP still counts her half birthday. It’s cute.

    Oh, I also saw your previous post and signed the letter. I also sent it to others. I love that there are some of you out there that are actually legally married. Good luck! I hope that as.shole doesn’t get his way.

  6. poppycat

    Yay 10 weeks!!! Yay!

    I whole hartedly agree with the Valentines day thoughts.I tell Cat all the time that I don’t need anyone to remind me of how much I love her and to let her know I do. We usually just do cards, often handmade, and try to spend some time together.

    The story of J’s parents is so touching and makes so much sense to me. I can’t imagine being the one left behind but if Cat goes first, I feel like I’d be right behind her.

    Happy half birthday J and I hope you three have a wonderful time at the wedding in spite of the churchies.

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