don’t divorce us

Don't divorce us!

Don't divorce us!

I haven’t mentioned the Prop 8 mess in awhile. We had to keep our distance for some time in order to attend to life, but the Supreme Court will soon be hearing oral arguments–March 5th, in fact.

While Prop 8 stopped any future marriages from happening in California, it didn’t succeed in nullifying the marriages occurring before election day. Now, Ken Starr is heading efforts to make sure that our marriages are indeed nullified. They want to divorce us.

In response to these efforts, the Courage Campaign has produced the following amazing video. Warning: It may make you cry.

After watching the video, consider signing the Courage Campaign’s petition here. (The video is also available there if you can’t, for some reason, watch it here.)


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  1. i just posted this in my LJ, its so moving. xo

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