fresh air

Since I’m not teaching this semester, I have been spending far too much time in my home. I work from home, so I’m at the computer for far too long each day, and because J is job hunting, she’s doing much of the same.  As a result of being so homebound, we’ve been a bit stir-crazy.

During the past couple of weeks, we’ve been trying to get out and be more active, so each day, we try to get out for a good walk. Many days, we resort to our in-town trail–a trail that goes through our town meant for walkers and bicycles. It’s a fun trail because we see lots of locals walking their dogs or their kids, and people are generally very friendly. Other days, we go to a regional park where we walk a trail that meanders through really beautiful old oak trees and the rolling hills California wine country is known for. 

As much as I love both of these trails, I sometimes grow tired of walking on paved paths, so today we found a wonderful trail that overlooks our whole valley. It was mildly challenging with real dirt and rocks and grass. It was gorgeous. I’m so happy that we’re doing this. We walked for a good hour and a half, and had it not been for my hunger, we would have kept going.

Along the way, we encountered a woman with her two boys who were maybe three-years-old. They were having a picnic lunch and just giggling and adorable. We found ourselves imagining just how great it’s going to be to take our child on these walks. It’s wonderful when we can go to that place together and just dream of our new life as parents.



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6 responses to “fresh air

  1. poppycat

    Sounds lovely. I adore northern CA and am always trying to convince Cat that we should move there.

  2. What a lovely scene. So glad you have a place to go and imagine the soon-to-be future. When my partner was pregnant (and some of the early twitchy fear had worn off), it was heaven to people watch, especially kid watch. So excited for you two!

  3. Jodi

    I’m really impressed with T’s stamina and energy level during these walks, especially since there are days she barely leaves the couch; though I will say that when she does crash from exhaustion or low blood sugar, it happens very quickly, so it’s good to have some food or water nearby at all times in these emergencies. She’s really grouch when her blood sugar falls. Then she scares me.

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