an ode to the olive

If I still wrote poetry, I might actually write an ode to olives today. I have been feeling the ick worse than ever, and no matter which remedy I employ, it doesn’t seem to be going away. I ate about ten saltines. I had a good breakfast with fruit and yogurt and whole grains. I had ginger tea.  I was sitting here turning green, a frown growing across my face. And then I remembered olives–those lovely, salty green orbs–the only thing that can cure the ick nearly instantly for me. They are the magic elixir.

J, ironically, is allergic to the things. They make her vomit, and as a result, we haven’t had them in the house much since we’ve been together, despite my great love for them. When we do, I have just a few that I get from the olive bar at the market so that she doesn’t have to see them. Now, she is handling whole jars of them because they make me feel better. She is such a trooper.

I honestly thought I might escape the all-day ick, but that has not been the case the last few days. Yesterday, I walked into a grocery store only to be assaulted by the overwhelming odor of chicken frying. I can’t stand the smell of meat cooking right now, and I have always hated this cloying odor of frying chicken, so this very nearly caused my first lost lunch. Thus, it would seem that I haven’t escaped the ick at all; I’m just late to the game. I don’t do nausea well. I am frankly a baby about it. I hope it doesn’t get much worse than this. I really, really hope it doesn’t. If it does, my doc has me ready to take extra B6. I need to pick some up. Oh please don’t let this get worse.

Eight weeks tomorrow. Somehow that feels like a milestone. I may celebrate by buying a giant jar of olives.



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11 responses to “an ode to the olive

  1. cooking meat was my downfall too… especially grilled meat… My husband had to leave the doors/windows closed when outside cooking and then he’d have to change clothes immediatly after finishing because I could smell it on him… Oh it was awful!

  2. Congrats on 8 weeks! I really, really feel for you with the nausea–its difficult to NOT be a baby about it, its so horrid, but I hope its short-lived for you.

  3. cindyhoo2

    From what I understand, the nausea is a sign that you have high HGC and a healthy pregnancy. Congrats although I know that you would like to smack me for saying that! 🙂

    I am all about not taking drugs during pg but I do know from my OBGYN friend that there are a few antinausea drugs you can safely take for the really bad days. Sometimes just knowing you have an escape from the “I’m about to vomit” feeling is all you need to gather a bit of comfort.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

  4. A.

    8 weeks is a huge achievement, nausea or not! (Not that is helps you feel better to read that). I hope the nausea goes away soon, maybe even before the start of the 2nd trimester!

  5. A

    Wow! 8 Weeks…Congrats!

    I hope the ick goes away soon.

  6. Emily

    and just to add a special tidbit for you, at 9 weeks, the little one is actually the *size* of a green olive! so there’s something to look forward to. – Emily

  7. K

    Hang in there, and eat as many olives as you need to! I was (unpleasantly) surprised by how far into the second trimester my nausea lingered, but it DID end. Yours will pass too (as will the constant need to sleep 24/7), and when it does, you’ll feel as if someone handed your life back to you. In the meantime, congrats on reaching 8 weeks. That’s a great milestone!

  8. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  9. poppycat

    I really tried to come up with a funny poem about olives for you but my mind called out blank after a long day at work. Instead I will just wish for your ickies to go away very soon. Eat as many olives as that little bean wants you to and stay away from k-f-c!

  10. Oh the nausea – it is horrible right??? i hope that it gets better soon. I found that eating a little bit of a bagel would help me.
    My midwife suggested I carry one arround. I am impressed you went into the grocery store at all. I could not deal with any resturant or grocery store until 15 weeks. I hope the ick goes away soon. Until then enjoy the olives.

  11. nutella

    Hurray for 8 weeks! That’s cool that the olives help you. I can’t imagine eating olives at 8 weeks, my heartburn and nausea were so bad. I hope you find the remedies that work for you and that the ick leaves soon.

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