…our little Egghead. (That would be the white blob within the black blob below.) Isn’t s/he adorable? Our doctor says s/he is the cutest fetal pole she’s ever seen. How could we disagree?

Needless to say, we went for our second OB appointment today. It began with weird shit. I had to complete all of my paperwork over again, including my medical history, because they couldn’t find my chart. I was just there a week ago! J and I both complained, and when I finally completed the stack of papers again, I asked for copies. I had no idea what the hell was going on, but I was pissed.

I was finally sent back to do my weight and urine and all of that good stuff, and then we waited for the doctor in the ultrasound room. She came in very cheerful and ready to get started right away, so she pulled out the magic wand and immediately found the above. That would be our baby–measuring 6 weeks 5 days, which seems right on target. We also saw a strong flickering heartbeat, and to assure J that there were indeed no other babies in there, she swished the wand around (she also offered to give J a sympathy ultrasound to show her just how comfortable it all is. J declined.). The doctor, for whom I have got to figure out a name, was very pleased with the little one’s progress. It is truly remarkable how much it’s grown in just a week.
Then Dr. K said, “I need to tell you something.” I panicked for half a second, and then she informed me that they had a break-in, some files were stolen, and mine was likely one of them. Fuck. They gave me a credit agency’s number, apologized, etc. Honestly, I was relieved nothing was wrong with me, but I can’t believe my information was stolen. I suppose it explains the need for me to fill out all the same paperwork over again. Honestly, after seeing everything was okay with Egghead (more on that below), I didn’t care. It will be okay.
Other than this bit of news, the visit was wonderful. Our OB is so attentive. She talks with both of us equally, answers our questions, spends a good amount of time giving us information and talking about how things are going, and generally has a lot of fun with us. I don’t know what we’ll end up doing for the birth, but should we have to stick with an OB and hospital due to insurance purposes, I would feel great with her.
My other encounters with medical professionals today were not as joyful. After my appointment, I had the joy of going for my bloodwork. I’m frankly surprised that I didn’t step onto a conveyor belt when I entered the lab. I was in and out within fifteen minutes, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing. J befriended a mom with a 6-week-old as I was called back by the butchest, meanest phlebotomist I’ve ever encountered. She sat me down, ordered me to take off my sweater, roughly cleaned the poke spot, jabbed the needle in (hard!), and proceeded to take about ten gallons of my blood without ever once looking at my face or acknowledging that I was a human being and not a large vein. She then ordered me to give them a urine sample. If I hadn’t been so irritated, I may have cried.
But now we’re home, and we have this picture of a .79 centimeter creature growing inside of my very own uterus. It’s crazy to think about.
Because we have a visible, viable fetus, we had to give it a name for the blog. At home, we have cutesy German names for it, but they would make no sense here, and I wouldn’t be able to spell them without umlauts. So we went for something more in keeping with the whole smartypants theme of the blog, hence the name Egghead. Somehow, this seems to make it that much more official. There really is a baby growing in there!


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15 responses to “Introducing…

  1. Hooray for a successful ultrasound! Welcome to the blog, Egghead.

  2. congrats! so exciting!

  3. cindyhoo2

    Yay! So happy about your wonderful u/s. Having a strong viability scan is a huge step and must be an enormous relief. Congrats!

    BTW: So sorry about your missing file and the sadistic vampire (I mean phlebotomist).

    Oh, Egghead is precious. I think we can all see that s/he looks smart already. 🙂

  4. Congratulations!

    So glad that everyone’s healthy and thriving, that you’re getting the great medical care you deserve, and you get to come up with a blogname.

    Egghead’s awesome. You could also go with Umlaut.

  5. nutella

    Go Egghead go! Glad you had such a great appointment (butchering aside). Very excited and happy for you both!

  6. Congrats on Egghead. S/he looks great. I am happy to hear that you are so happy with your OB. I am sorry to hear about your file being stolen – as a criminal lawyer I really, really suggest that you follow up with a credit watch company. I also think the fetal pole is absolutely wonderful.

  7. giggleblue

    ah! that’s wonderful!! i’m happy all is well in there!!

  8. A

    Congrats!! Here’s to a happy & healthy pregnancy!!

  9. vee

    Yay to a great ultrasound. Sorry your records got nicked though – that sounds like a pain in the arse.

  10. jay

    Hooray for Egghead and BOO to burglars and that nasty lady!! xx

  11. Adorable!! So, so cute!!!

  12. Hello Egghead! You are simply beautiful little one! xoxo

  13. K

    Yikes about the break-in, but hooray for a strong heartbeat and a beautiful ultrasound pic! Congrats again.

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