Happy Inauguration Day!

What a remarkable day this is in American history. J and I have been watching inauguration coverage since about 6:30 this morning simply awestruck with the enormity of it all. There’s a sense of relief that the last eight years are over and a sense of great pride that this is our country’s future, that our child will be born during the Obama administration.

I have  a weird obsession with the pomp and circumstance of events such as these. I don’t want to miss a single motorcade, procession, or trumpet flare. I’m a geek like that, I suppose, but I don’t care. I have happily sat here with tears streaming down my face all day long.

On the baby-growing front, I haven’t meant to be missing for so long. I guess I just haven’t wanted to whine on and on about how I feel. Things are fine though. The spotting stopped a couple of days ago, and things like nausea and exhaustion are increasing, making me feel much more confident, albeit icky. We are very much looking forward to our appointment Thursday morning, and we’ll be certain to post a photo.

For now, I’m back to watching the inaugural parade.



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4 responses to “Happy Inauguration Day!

  1. i was right there with you, all teary-eyed, all-day today!!!
    the hope. you could feel it.

    glad you are feeling ickier 😛

  2. tbean

    Me three. Glued to the set for 10+ hours yesterday. 🙂

  3. Jodi

    Can you believe it?

    The Long National Nightmare is over. I can’t believe we survived it. Did anyone else hear the crowd singing “Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, Goodbye!” as the helicopter lifted off taking George and Laura back to Texas? The talking heads on MSNBC tried to talk over it, but you couldn’t miss it. It was fantastic.

    It’s a new day!

  4. I was at work yesterday, but had CNN online the entire time (needless to say, I didn’t get much work done).
    Glad you are feeling more confident about the pregnancy- can’t wait to see the pic!

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