enough already!

Last night I had my first scare. I had a teeny bit of spotting on a trip to the restroom, and thirty minutes later a bit more. That was it, but it threw me into a tailspin. I read everything I could in the books I have, and I know that a small amount of spotting can be normal. It seems like mine is of the normal variety, but no newly pregnant woman wants to see even the remotest of pink.

Last night, my dreams were frought with horrid dreams of losing the baby. Our OB appointment is not until Friday. I don’t need this anxiety. I have plenty.

I wish that I could just think positively, that I wouldn’t have any fodder for thinking otherwise. I need that right now. I need a break from the worry.


Thanks girls. I need the positivity. I called the doctor and they found me an appointment for tomorrow, which is a relief. I’m still spotting off and on today, which makes me dread my frequent trips to the restroom. I will be much more at ease when tomorrow comes.



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18 responses to “enough already!

  1. Ugh, thinking of you. Obviously it happens to a lot of women and can be very normal and all that jazz . . . but I know you know all that. If only our brains could give us a break, already. xoxo.

  2. Two things that are totally true:
    1) Spotting is completely normal
    2) Spotting is really f*ing scary

    L had some spotting early on, it sounds like about as much as you had, maybe a bit more. Even though we were really freaked out, everything was fine and now we are at 21 weeks. It is good that it lasted such a short time and was a small quantity, but you are right, pink is not a color you want to see.

  3. no spot = no matter how small isn’t scary. hang tight – it is normal…

  4. Hang in there, although I know it’s hard. A friend of mine had a spotting scare around 7 weeks, but it was fine. But of course, there is no amount of soothing that will help until you know for sure your little one is ok. I hope Friday comes SOON.

  5. tbean

    sorry for the scare 😦
    But, like all above, I remain convinced that this is normal, growing, expanding uterus spotting and nothing else.

  6. Ugh, hang in there. My friend had a spotting scare at 7 weeks but it was fine. But of course, no amount of soothing will help until you can see that your little one is fine. I hope Friday comes SOON!

  7. Oh god, I read this an my heart leaped. I had this as H said above, everything was TOTALLY fine. Of course not easy to believe when it is happening. It will feel so good to see your OB. I hope the time passes quickly. xo

  8. Jodi

    We moved the date of the appointment up to tomorrow. We just need to know, and they did have an opening, so, we’ll see. I’m full of hope for the best.

  9. Thinking the BEST for you. It will all be okay, and soon you’ll be able to post soothing words on other newly pregnant womens’ blogs saying “I had that too, it’s normal.”

  10. I’m so sorry about the scare. I hope tomorrow you find out that’s just what it is.

  11. R

    So sorry about the scare. Positive energy for you ladies!!

  12. oh it is so scary…I hope that tomorrow gives you the reassurance that you need. I’m thinking of you!

  13. liberationtheory

    i am praying for you and expecting a good report tomorrow 🙂

  14. jay

    scary indeed!! hope your appointment is reassuring. xx

  15. vee

    Scary stuff. I hope all is well. Good on you for getting your appointment bumped up.

  16. Thinking of you both today and really, really hope everything is A-OK with this pregnancy.

  17. Hugs and please keep us posted on the visit. xoxoxoxooxo

  18. My hubs has chronic bloody noses… no no, he’s not an addict or anything.. he has very large nostrils… (not kidding, you could park a semi up there) I think the excess flow of air in and out of those bad boys just creates a dry atmosphere.

    anyhoo.. point of the story… he gets them almost every morning and throws the bloody tissues in the toilet.. so I’d go pee half asleep in the AM and then stand up to see a bloody wad of TP floating around and have a heart attack…. Damn boy.

    it took me a long time to get past that fear… but you will 🙂

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