house of hormones

Holy hell.

I have always had pretty bad mood swings with PMS, and J has too, but this new level of hormones in me combined with J’s usual PMS hormones has made for a whole new cocktail of crazy. More doors have slammed in the past couple of days, and more arguments have broken out over ridiculous things than I can recall in, well, ever.

We have come up with a code word that means I’m being hormonal and we both need to shut up for a moment. It’s “blue cheese crumbles.” If J is finding a particular disagreement rather irrational and potentially hormone-driven, she is allowed to end it by saying “blue cheese crumbles.” If she is reacting to one of my crazy emotions, I announce that my emotions are hormone-driven by saying “blue cheese crumbles.”  So far, it works pretty well, and the bickering stops pretty immediately, although I do get irritated when she says it sometimes.

The other morning, I was grabbing a snack before we left the house, and while fishing around in the refrigerator, I knocked over a small carton of cheese. It fell all over the kitchen floor, and I had a bit of a melt-down. I yelled and yelled. When J came to try to help me clean it up, I yelled at her. I was just livid and crazy about it.

And then, moments later, while driving away from our home and through the rolling hills of wine country, the irony of it all struck me. That carton of cheese was not just any cheese: it was a carton of blue cheese crumbles.



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9 responses to “house of hormones

  1. A.

    Loved the story! New to your blog, and am enjoying your writing. Congrats on your BFP!

    Ainsley (

  2. oh honey- I so so hear you!!
    & I cracked up of your need of a code word. Reminds me of when I was on super high doses of clomid and needed a safety word to shut people up, I mean leave me alone 😉

  3. Don’t forget to step back and breathe! Mmm…blue cheese crumbles… lol

  4. You may not find this post funny right now…but I bet you’ll look back on it and laugh. At least I hope so!
    Keep breathing.

  5. A

    Great idea actually. I might borrow it down the line when I go on clomid again or injectables. I just might need something like that.

    I hope things calm down for you soon.

  6. Lyn

    I love your secret code! With a little luck, the extreme emotions will pass quickly. I didn’t have trouble with anger, but lordy did I cry a lot the first couple weeks.

  7. mutti1

    Progesterone Pissyness – a lovely condition. Glad you found a way to bring each other back to center. Love the code word……..

  8. Brilliant. Though I think wordpress missed the point with it’s choice of “blue cheese sauce” as a related post. Or maybe not? Maybe instead of making lemonade from lemons you’re making blue cheese sauce from crumbles?

  9. Good code word! I can imagine getting annoyed at the use of the code word though since sometimes when I’m being irrational I hate having it pointed out to me.

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