Remember me?


Allow me to introduce myself. I am T. I used to blog here regularly. There was even a month when I blogged every day. Then the student papers swallowed me, and I disappeared.

But I’m back. You see, the student papers have been returned to the hands of their rightful owners, and I am free. Free I tell you. All that is left for me to do is to calculate and submit grades, offer J plenty of moral support and caffeine as she finishes her grading, find my house under the grading rubble, and collapse.

And even though I am writing all of this, it hasn’t yet hit me. The realization that I dont’ have to get up at 5am on Wednesday has, but the rest of it? Nope. That will hit in mid-January, right around the time when the English department chair will call asking if I can pick up a last-minute class–a class I have never taught–a class that begins at 7am and that requires me to once again rise at 5am. Yes, that’s when it will hit.

Our sperm arrived today. I think we’re going to call it Pops, as in an abbreviation for popsicle. I don’t think I even remember ordering the stuff. My feeble final’s week memory aside, we will use it later in the week. I even peed on a stick tonight, although, I was so tired I admittedly forgot to use the test at first and nearly wasted prime four-hour urine. Never fear; I woke up enough to salvage a few drops.

How did we get here again?


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11 responses to “Remember me?

  1. Emily

    total congrats on finishing grading. I am sitting at the kitchen table because the anxiety of looking papers to write (with full-time classes and work right up until they’re due!) was leading me to the coffee… enjoy the sleep, the rediscovery of your home, and keeping J caffeinated. love and regards to Pops!

  2. Well done for finding your way out from underneath that avalanche of paperwork! Welcome back1

  3. congrats on finishing all that grading. whew!
    Glad to see you blogging again- & super excited about adventures with Pop!

  4. jay

    i second that! and what’s with the scary-eyed cat? are you sure it’s tame?

  5. tbean

    Welcome back! I just emerged from grading hell last night as well. I think we’ll be on very similar schedules this month–I should be doing an insem over the weekend. 🙂

  6. What a cute photo (although your cat does look like he’s about to attack the camera…)! Glad you made it through grading hell and are about to get cozy with POP!

  7. Welcome back! And congrats on emerging from the paperwork. I loveTravelher’s comment about getting cozy with Pop 🙂 We’ll be crossing our fingers for your insem 🙂

  8. nice to put a face with words…
    congrats on being done the grading frenzy…sending good vibes and some caffiene-filled drinks to J…

    enjoy your break!

  9. Here’s to you, and J, and Pops.

    Welcome, Pops.

  10. Yay – congrats on finishing the grading. You must be so relieved. And let’s hear it for Pops!

  11. cute photo lady!!

    congrats on finishing…..what a great feeling that must be!!!!!!

    so hoping that pops is lucky.


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