let it snow

I am not typically much of a trend follower, but the snow I’ve been seeing on various fabulous blogs these days is too cool not to use, hence the snow on my blog.

I have less than forty hours before I start having grading conferences. This means less than forty hours to finish my grading and sleep a couple of times. I am so over this.


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6 responses to “let it snow

  1. liberationtheory

    i hope these next 40 hours go by quickly and as painless as possible.

  2. poppycat

    I couldn’t resist the snow either, its too cute. Conferences do NOT sound fun. Hope its over soon.

  3. jay

    hooray for the snow!! blimey, hope you finish your grading soon. xx

  4. giggleblue

    grading does seem to bring on down… may you make the deadline with time to spare!

  5. starrhillgirl

    I knew you’d figure it out!
    Counting down the hours right with you.

  6. loving the snow….so cool that wordpress offered this!!

    wishing you lots of good luck for your grading….yikes! hope the time flies by. xoxo

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