Daily Archives: November 26, 2008

over the river and through the woods

I have a cat on my lap begging me not to leave for the next two days. Another is lying on the shirt I plan to wear once I get out of the shower. They are so smart. Once the red suitcases come out, they simply know that they are going to be without us and either cling to us, meowing and meowing, or they sit in our guest room pouting, unwilling to respond to our affection.

We are going to my parents’ house for the stuff-yourself-til-you-sleep holiday. I will be spending the next twenty-four hours cooking and working to ward off stress and family drama. J will be working to keep us both sane. We both will hold a certain niece as much as possible.

I am still not thinking about the results of this cycle. Any time a thought crosses my mind about it, I quickly think of happier topics like student papers or what sort of job I may find once this semester is over. So far, I have been successful in warding off all symptoms, pseudo or otherwise.

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