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and the winner is

Travelher wins Brownie Points and my great respect for guessing The Smiths. I should have a proper prize, but I don’t, so here’s the video for your enjoyment. Oh how I loved The Smiths as a teenager. I still love them, but Morrissey speaks especially to those suffering from the awkward, lonely adolescent years.

We have no wifi in our hotel–or rather, we have $10 wifi in our hotel, and it’s simply not worth it to spend that much to post today, so I’m saving this for tomorrow when I will time stamp it. Yes, I care that much about not missing a day of this. I figure I can’t be disqualified for lacking internet, so long as I write each day.

I’m liking your questions. I’ll work on responding to them in the next few days. Feel free to add your questions (or send me an email) if you want to add to the small list.

Details on the rally to come.

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