ask me, ask me, ask me*

It’s mid-Nablopomo, and I’ve not got a thing to say, so I’m taking a page from Ms. Specific Distiny’s book and putting out the questions box. What do you want to know about me, J, or our TTC process? What questions do you have? If you have been lurking (and I know you’re out there–I see you), what have you wondered? I double dog dare you to ask a question! But questions are not limited to lurkers. Oh no. For those who have been following along for all of these months, what do you want to know? What have you often wondered? This is your chance to take part in my tell-all (or tell-some, as this is likely to turn out).

I’m planning to create a FAQ page, and these questions along with our responses will be featured on that page. So go ahead, ask me (or J) a question. We promise to answer so long as it doesn’t jeopardize our semi-anonymity.

*Brownie points to anyone who can identify the song/group this title comes from.


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7 responses to “ask me, ask me, ask me*

  1. jay

    OK here goes (I used to be a journalist which helps a bit I suppose!) – loosely TTC related, and directed at you BOTH!

    1) What did each of you want to do when you grew up, and is that what you are doing now?

    2) If you have a girl, will The Pinkness faze you?

    3) What’s better, wine or chocolate?

    4) What’s your favourite item of clothing?

    5) Biggest TTC gripe thus far?


  2. giggleblue

    i totally need to put the FAQ at a tab on the top….

    hmm, do you have any phobias?

    any thoughts for a nursery theme already?

    what’s your favorite mixed drink?

    cow milk, soy milk, or rice milk??

  3. It’s too early for me to ponder these questions but late enough to want the brownie points for the Smiths.
    Love that song.

  4. – how did you meet?
    – what was your first impression of each other – and has that changed? [my mema always said she thought my grandfather was a nerd or something similar. apparently that impression didnt last long…]

    – what is an everyday kindness you do for each other and why does it mean so much?

  5. poppycat

    I love to hear the story of how people met and I have been thinking about writing my own story for a long time, I just haven’t made it there yet.

    That’s two votes for how you met! 😉

  6. What are your favorite hobbies or things to do in your free time?

  7. reproducinggenius

    J here, and I thought I’d jump in and answer a few of these questions.

    * I grew up wanting to be an English teacher, and I’m an English teacher. The difference is that I originally thought I woud teach high school, but I ended up teaching college instead. I’m still not sure I made the right decision, but I’m told I’m pretty good at what I do.

    *What’s better, wine or chocolate? How about both? A nice barbera with a semi-dark chocolate is absolute culinary bliss.

    *My biggest phobia is a fear of bridges. It’s called gypheraphobia (not sure about the spelling). I hate crossing bridges or passing underneath them. I always have the fear and anxiety that they will collapse while I’m on or under one. It’s very unpleasant.

    *My first impression of T: exotic, beautiful, and mysterious. Oh, and completely unattainable. In other words, she was someone I had to get to know more about. Luckily we worked at the same place and had some classes together, so I had plenty of excuses to talk to her.

    *One act of kindness that T has always demonstrated toward me and that I really appreciate is that she leaves me sweet notes. Sometimes she slips them into my school bag or leaves them by the coffee maker for me to find when I wake up. She’ll leave them on the bathroom mirror or on my pillow, inside a book, or in my lunch bag. They’re always so sweet and a constant reminder of how much she loves me. I try to save all of them, but I tell you there must be hundreds of them. It’s such a small, special thing, and she doesn’t need a reason to do it. I’m so lucky.

    I’ll let T tell you how we met, though I think the story of our first date is far more interesting 🙂

    Ta ta. . .

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