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I came to school with J tonight, so I’m sitting in the university library trying not to hear a group of boys plotting to cheat on an exam. No teacher needs to hear things like that. I’m half tempted to break my cover (somehow I imagine that when I’m in casual clothes I look more like a grad student than a professor) and say something, but that would be weird and tacky. I just hope they get caught. Time to put on my headphones.

We had a successful insemination last night. There were no major mishaps, no late-night trips to grocery stores for supplies. It was all very good. I even managed to stave off my coughing for about half an hour afterward. I had feared that I would cough soon after and, well, we all know what happens when we cough. I don’t believe I need to say more.

***Four hours later because J showed up early to take us out to dinner.***

I am not temping anymore, but I had a few ovulation pains today, so I likely ovulated today. I kind of like being in the dark about it. Obsessing over temp dives and spikes was never good for me. I’m just going to go forth thinking our timing was stellar.

We’ve got plenty of distractions to keep us moving forward anyway. Saturday, we’re headed to Sacramento for the big Take It to Sacramento/Overturn Prop 8 rally. Now it seems that Margaret Cho will be speaking (among others). We are making some t-shirts (anyone have any pithy slogans for us?), spiffing up our signs, and making food to take with us to cut costs. We’re staying at a hotel near the Capitol–it’s our little gay getaway. Considering we have gone nowhere without family or friends since our cruise last April, and also considering we cannot afford any sort of vacation that we would like to take, this is exciting.

We also have Thanksgiving at my parents’ place on Thursday. Neither of us is crazy about T-day, but it’s an excuse to see the family, and we’ll get to squeeze our neice and cook some tasty food, so it can’t be too bad. When we get back, we’ll have just two weeks of teaching left (plus one week of grading). Somewhere in the middle of all that, we’ll find out whether or not this round worked. I have fantasies of forgetting that we even tried and realizing sometime in the middle of December that I’ve missed my period.


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