here we go

Well, the OPK was the tiniest shade away from being positive last night (and may have been positive in the right light). It was as positive as could be this morning. My guess is the surge started in the middle of the night. We’ll sperm up tonight. I’m oddly nonchalant about it. What’s with that?

In case you were wondering, the coughing has subsided significantly. I am relieved. My abdominal and chest and back muscles are relieved. But most of all, J is relieved that I won’t be keeping her awake all night again.

I need a nap before teaching. The next time I write, I’ll be in the midst of the TWW again. Our tenth TWW. Please let ten be lucky.


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12 responses to “here we go

  1. cindyhoo2

    fingers crossed that 10 will be your lucky number!!

  2. Wishing you loads of intelligent sperm swimming to that egg!

  3. tbean

    yay for + opks
    go sperm go!

  4. shaking my pompoms!!
    come on #10!

  5. Wishing the best for cycle 10. Cheering you on, and hoping that you start a positive trend for the rest of us. It’s time for a flurry of positives in the two-mom portion of the blogosphere!

  6. jay

    fingers crossed here too. we’ll have a lucky friend egg sandwich for you too ;o)

  7. I’m so glad that you’re starting to feel better and hoping 10 is the lucky number!

  8. woo hoooo! good luck girl! i’m hoping ten is so lucky for you!

    i think it’s great that your nonchalant about it too…..i REALLY think being relaxed and not stressed out can help the process 🙂

    lots of good thoughts being sent your way.


  9. poppycat

    Come on lucky 10! Momma needs BFP!
    Sending good vibes your way.

  10. Nonchalant can’t hurt. I hope #10 is the one.

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