Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

abs of steel, the wrong way

Coughing Update: I think I strained my frenulum. My abs hurt. If I cough one more time, I’m going to cry. Last night I coughed myself out of bed and slept on the sofa (where, oddly enough, I didn’t cough again until 7am). The only things that seem to keep this beastly coughing away are brandy and Ty.lenol PM. I imagine horse tranquilizers would work too, but I don’t have those handy. I’m so tired of hearing myself complain about this, and I’m sorry to subject all of you to it again.

Fertility Update: I’m getting closer to a positive OPK. We’re still a day away I think, but my EWCM has never been so beautiful (and by beautiful, I mean plentiful and, well, shiny). My best guess is that we’ll inseminate Thursday, maybe Friday.

Activism Update: In other exciting news, I think J and I are headed to a giant rally on Saturday in Saramento. There will be speakers (including Gavin Newsom!), thousands of people, and, rumor has it, even post-rally parties! Some sites are estimating we’ll get something like 30-40 thousand people. Part of me doubts this, and part of me thinks we may very well pull it off. If you can make it to Sacramento Saturday, come join us! (Seriously, if you think you might go, shoot me an email. It would be fun to meet up!) If you can’t go, tell people who live in or near California to go if they can. It will be well worth it to stand together for equality. I think a lot of us are seeing this as a warm-up to a million gay march that has yet to be scheduled but is certainly in the works.


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