You know that cold I thought I would beat? It won. It moved into my chest early yesterday morning and has now turned into the most horrid cough I have had in years. I went to school this morning thinking I could teach only to cough myself out of the classroom. I had to let them go halfway through because not only could I not talk; I couldn’t stop coughing to let them work quietly. I coughed the whole thirty minute drive there and the whole drive home. I have pulled muscles in my back, and I am fairly certain I threw a rib out. The bonus? I can’t get into a doctor because no nearby is taking new patients for at least two weeks. So it’s the emergency room, driving thirty minutes to another doctor, or T and J’s home remedies. I’ve chosen the last option which consists of copious tea, sufficient doses of cough syrup, and a snifter of brandy every two hours. This seems to be reducing the frequency, and I do think I may sleep well tonight.

When this thing started to move into my chest, I actually started looking on the bright side. I thought, Okay, this works out–I can take Robi.tussin and get the bonus of extra EWCM. I forgot, however, that this only makes one cough more when needs it. And while my EWCM is copious, I’m now laying off the expectorant. The last thing I need is something encouraging me to cough.

The problem with being sick around insemination time is that I’m trying to drink as many fluids as I can, but for OPKs, I need to hold that precious pee. Imagine trying to hold 48 ounces of fluid for four hours while coughing uncontrollably. Let me just say my drive home today was precarious.

So far, we don’t have anything resembling a positive on the OPKs, and I’m honestly a little worried I’ll somehow miss my surge. I am very hydrated, overly so, as a result of the circumstances mentioned above. I’m trying to relax about it, but we have this very nice box holding the new and improved sperm, and I would be so, so, so, so sad if we had to miss this.

Okay, I’m off to cough some more, drink some brandy, and avoid expelling a major organ.


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8 responses to “hacker

  1. Ugh! Those hacking coughs are the worst. I hope you feel better soon and ovulation doesn’t elude you.

  2. poppycat

    That just sounds miserable! Hope you feel better asap. Don’t worry about the serge, you’ll catch it!

  3. jay

    Ew! Get well soon! xx

  4. Heather’s had a pretty bad cough/cold for the past three weeks. She has yet to ovulate this month and we’re on day 30! I hope that your surge/O doesn’t hide from you!

  5. nutella

    Yck, I hate those coughs. They often make my asthma act up, too. Hot showers with lots of steam always help me out a bit. Feel better soon!

  6. tbean

    Oh yuck–sorry the cold is currently winning. I don’t think you’ll miss the surge though–the cold might make it a day or so late. Good luck!!!

  7. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well. I hope it passes quickly.

  8. I feel you on this one…the cold that lingers on. I’ve found that drinking lemon/honey tea is great and constantly sucking on Vit C drops or Hall’s.
    Hope you feel better soon…

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