Daily Archives: November 11, 2008

Lazy Post

I don’t have much energy to write tonight, but I’m not¬†letting NaBloPoMo get the best of me. Thus, a bullet post is called for:

  • Shopping today was fun. We found some good gifts, and I resisted buying about 500 different pairs of shoes that I fell in love with. We even managed to come away from it all without spending too much money. The best was seeing my mom, of course. It’s nice to be close enough to spend a day with her.
  • We have the strangest car problems. Right now, J’s car’s hood latch is broken. This means that the hood is always slightly ajar, and when driving on crazy busy California freeways, it’s freaky watching the hood bounce up and down. Our neighbor’s husband will be fixing it Friday. In the meantime, we are driving slowly and enduring the middle fingers and raised fists shaking in our rearview mirror.
  • We learned through some ugly apartment complex gossip that our managers received many complaints about our No on 8 signs leading up to the election and that they wanted to confront us about it to make us take them down.¬†They never did. Sometimes, J and I have realized, being out in our everyday lives does have a bit of power, and people like that won’t speak up for fear of being sued. That’s fine with me.
  • My mom gave me pictures of my niece in the Halloween outfit we got for her. I don’t have them on the computer, so you’ll have to take my word for it that a baby in a pumpkin hat (complete with a stem) is one the lovelier things to see in life.


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