end of day cranky thoughts

I’m so tired from a very long day at school, a somewhat demeaning meeting with the faculty member who observed me (she told me I could work for one of the full-timers as a grader since I don’t have classes next semester), and just utter exhaustion from the infighting and the stress associated with the Prop 8 shit. I am not feeling like my nice, polite, articulate self, so I present to you three important matters for today’s post:

Matter One: If you’d like someone toward whom you can direct your anger over those missing civil rights, take a gander at this asshat: Jim Quinn. Could this man be any more disgusting?

Matter Two: If you need a forum for your anger, a place and time to stand with others like you, Join the Impact this weekend. Find a rally in a city near you here. J and I will be rallying in our nearest city on Saturday. Where will you be? (And for fuck’s sake, don’t tell me you’ll be boycotting California wine. It’s the best this country has to offer, and we need it in times like these!)

Matter Three: J ordered our sperm today. We have a new donor (since we used the last vial of the old one). I’m so glad to be on to this cycle already.

Tomorrow, J and I are meeting up with my mom to shop for xmas gifts. It will be a nice reprieve from all of this hoopla. My greatest hope is that we find a perfect reading lamp. I can’t abide reading student papers in permanent mood lighting any longer.

I hope I’m not so grumpy tomorrow.



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7 responses to “end of day cranky thoughts

  1. kathryn

    though i can’t be there to join the protest in person, i’m with you in spirit. i’ve posted a link on my facebook page…

    beginning a new cycle, rousing protests and your mom…you’ve got a lot to look forward to. i’m sending big love and positive thoughts to you and j.

  2. N

    Hurrah for more sperm!

  3. Hi, I’m new to your blog! I love your post today, it couldn’t be more like me if you were reading my mind! I have the anger, I have the cranky feelings, I need more than mood lighting, it’s exactly me!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and glad to have found a kindred spirit!

  4. It’s people like that who are out having clandestine gay sex in bathroom stalls.

    Yay sperm!

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m soooo behind on your blog. Hi fellow Bay Area family! I agree with Strawberry, and you. This guy is the asshat who will be publicly outed once he’s caught in a public restroom. That’s what makes people think that all Gays and Lesbians lead those kinds of lives. You dont catch the family oriented professional doing things like that. Good grief.

    So happy to hear about the new sperm. I’m going to try to keep up more now that I have you bookmarked. We hope you’ve found some focus outside of this Prop 8 BS. We’re doing our best to find the same thing. Take care 🙂 Michelle and Jen

  6. I hope today was better!

  7. Here in Connecticut, we’re Join the Impact-ing as well. And there will be brunch.

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