antsy (updated)

How is one to contain herself through these election results? Holy hell!


J and I spent part of the day–during lunch hour–holding No on 8 signs on our town square. It was great to hear people honking, waving, flashing peace signs or thumbs up. We joined a man and a woman who had been standing there all morning. Later, two girls came from the high school during their lunch break. They had made their own signs, and they were determined to help us out. This was the greatest feeling, and while there were the few h8ters, we felt overwhelming support–and met some great people to boot.

I don’t know how Prop 8 will turn out, but we’ll know soon-very soon–about the presidential election.

Back to pacing the floors…


Edited to add this:

We are thrilled–utterly thrilled about Obama. This is such a momentous night, and I am still in shock that we are living in this time. It’s amazing.

But Prop 8 seems to be losing. We won’t know until tomorrow probably. Holy shit. I thought we had come further than this. And yet, there were still people who voted yes thinking that this was about teaching children gay marriage in school. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I feel ecstatic about the presidential election, but just sick from this. Sick.


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2 responses to “antsy (updated)

  1. I feel the same way. Physically ill about what looks like defeat on prop 8. My heart is heavy for CA today.

  2. cindyhoo2

    Ahhh, I am so sad. If CA can’t vote down prop 8, then the rest of the country is toast! Still holding out hope for the underdog….

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