Welcome, November!

Today is the beginning of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month). I participated last year and lapsed, but I have since had a full month of posting (was it July?), so I’m giving this a go again.

I absolutely cannot believe that it is November. It seems it was August moments ago, and I was thinking that the end of September seemed an eternity away. Now, here we are, and it’s November. This month has been escorted in by a really great rainstorm. J and I have enjoyed our fireplace and movies and the cats today. It’s lovely to see some real rain again. Having lived for fifteen years in the temperate rainforest that is the North Coast of California, the rain here has seemed wimpy at best. Today was more like it.

We had an uneventful Halloween with a grand total of just two trick-or-treaters. One was our neighbor’s son, and one was a preteen girl. That was it. Now we have a cauldron full of candy to hand out to our students this week. I miss living in a real neighborhood.

And tonight, we get to set the clocks back. While I’m not a huge fan of time changes in general, I do like this one when I am teaching early morning classes. I am imagining myself on Monday feeling alive and awake and, dare I say, human.


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  1. giggleblue

    oh yes, the time change! has to be the highlight of fall, at least for me!

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