this is when i start talking about my body parts

I don’t know how I could possibly forget how hypersensitive one becomes during the TWW, but it’s happened again. I keep trying to trick myself into ignoring my body. There’s not much to report, primarily just some sore nipples from just a couple of days past ovulation and killer headaches. The headaches are easily explained by my endless hours of grading. And the nipples? Well, J swears she hasn’t recently purchased any nipple clamps lately, but I don’t know if I believe her. In all of the months of our break, I have to say that I didn’t pay attention to one damn sign. I was actually surprised a couple of times when my period showed up! I miss those carefree days already.

Our neighbor’s baby is coming for a visit again tomorrow morning. We get haircuts tomorrow (we both have waited FAR too long.) We will hand out high fructose corn syrup in colorful wrappers to the kiddies tomorrow night. We’ll have a weekend, and then a day of work, and then we’ll have election day and a pregnancy test, and all will be right with the world. (<–That’s me trying to stay positive.)


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10 responses to “this is when i start talking about my body parts

  1. cindyhoo2

    Hang in there, My partner and I are also in our 2ww and we are dying to know some results!! I am monitoring every little thing she does and feels…. grrr the waiting is the hardest part. Wishing you a big fat positive pg test!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect plan for everything to be right with the world. 🙂

  3. tbean

    it is really hard to go back to the damn 2ww after so many months away from it. so hard.
    plan lots of distractions for the weekend and try to stay sane!

  4. Coach Louise

    Hang in there, and as TBean says plan distractions – lots of pampering in order!

    Baby dust sprinkles!

  5. giggleblue

    oh, the baby!!!

  6. k

    Amazing how quickly you pick up right where you left off, isn’t it?

    I LOVE the plan of great election outcomes followed by great pregnancy test outcomes. What a wonderful story for your future child… “Well first we elected a freaking awesome president and then we went home and found out you were on the way! It was a good week.” 🙂

  7. I have everything crossed for you two. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  8. poppycat

    Election day AND testing!?! Let’s hope they are both BFPs!

  9. I have to say nipple pain is a good sign. I really hope you get your BFP on election day. It would seem right.

  10. I’m staying positive for you too! Good luck finishing the wait.

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