over tea

I guess I’m feeling rather bloggy this morning. Perhaps I’m just not feeling like I can look at bad student writing just yet today. Yes, that’s probably it.

Yesterday, I spent a good three hours between my classes sitting in a coffee shop drinking pots of tea and grading. During one short break–meaning I lifted my head for a few moments to look around–I spotted no fewer than three pregnant women. During the time I was in this place, there were a total of five pregnant women. I forgot that they all come out of the woodwork once I’ve spermed up.

I also had a sweet experience there. I was remotely aware of a man in his forties or fifties, possibly homeless or a drifter or somone with some sort of developmental disability who was in the coffee shop. He was clean but somehow a little off. He wasn’t ordering anything, but he would go talk to the people at the counter. They would offer him cookies or brownies–he seemed to be a regular–but he wasn’t really interested because he had to take his medication. The man sat in at a table near mine for awhile looking at the paper. He soon got up to leave and began walking toward my table. I was a little guarded but didn’t feel any sort of danger. As he approached, the man looked at me and said, “Can I make a comment to you?” I nodded and smiled. “I was just looking at you from over there, and you are so beautiful. I just wanted you to know that.” I smiled again, thanked him, and he went on his way.

I love moments like that. Of course, it’s always nice to get a compliment, but it somehow made my day for a stranger to say something to intentionally make me feel good. We need a lot more of that in this world


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10 responses to “over tea

  1. That’s so nice. I love moments like that too.

  2. jay

    Ahhhh, that’s lovely!!

  3. Even coming from a maybe crazy–those moments are golden! I love telling strangers something nice…they always seem so surprised!

  4. liberationtheory

    hmm he sounds like an angel actually. and i really mean that.

  5. reproducinggenius

    You know, liberation, I’ve got to agree with you. J and I encounter angels from time to time, and usually in the form of seemingly homeless men. Weird, but beautiful. One day I’ll have to tell you all about an angel we met on New Year’s Eve.

  6. giggleblue

    yes, we do need a whole lot more of that!

  7. No wonder they were offering him brownies.

    (He was right, of course.)

  8. awh, how sweet is that!!!! that’s something that just makes you smile – all day. I agree with him too 🙂

  9. reproducinggenius

    Thanks, girls. You’re making me feel all good and stuff. 🙂

  10. I so agree….the more positive energy we can pass around the better we all feel.

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