surging forward

As I suspected, my LH surge arrived today complete with a party hat, noisemakers, and ample EWCM. Before the surge was confirmed, I received an email from our midwife stating that she normally works at a women’s clinic in another city tomorrow. Crap. Before we called her to discuss timing, J and I were already trying to figure out where we were going to get the supplies to do this at home on our own tomorrow.

We called C (the midwife), and she was scrambling to find a catheter. Her order hasn’t come in yet, and she is determined to do this for us. Tomorrow, given that she can find a catheter (and I’m convinced she will), she will come to our place before she goes to the other city. We’re talking early–maybe 6:30 or 7:00 early. If an IUI in one’s own bed first thing in the morning on ovulation day isn’t the perfect way for a TTCer to start the day, I don’t know what is (okay, there is something better than that, but we’ve got a couple of weeks to go before that comes).

Ah, yes. Almost there.


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11 responses to “surging forward

  1. nutella

    Hurray!! It’s time! it’s here! So excited for you all. Your midwife sounds wonderful.

  2. jay

    Woo! She sounds fab. Fingers crossed!! xx

  3. So excited for you!!! And it does sound like the ideal situation!!

  4. Joy

    That does sounds ideal! Fingers crossed she finds the catheter and everything is smooth sailing!

  5. giggleblue

    oh, yes!!! oh, freakin yes!!!

  6. Hooray! It will be it will be! So glad things are falling into place. Best of luck.


  7. Yay! Good luck tomorrow! I love your midwife!

  8. I’m convinced it will all fall into place. One “trick” we learned the hard way–if its difficult to find your cervix while you’re lying in bed, try a harder surface. (I conceived on our office desk).

    Best wishes to you both!

  9. i think i have a crush on your midwife.. good luck!

  10. This is excellent news….I hope it all goes ‘swimmingly’!

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