Guess what’s in our dining room…

The above is a tank, or dewar, of you will. Inside this tank, we’ve got sperm on ice. This is our first ever frozen sperm, and it’s an exciting sight indeed.

The sperm showed up two days early, so if I have a freak early ovulation, we’ll be prepared. It’s good to be prepared. Also in stock are a fresh pack of ovulation tests, our very own speculum provided by our midwife, and a whole lot of excitement because, my friends, we are sperming up this week!

Today is CD10. My typical ovulation date in the past was day fifteen. It could come as early as day thirteen or wait as long as day 17. All I know is it’s on its way and the sperm is here and we are oh so ready.

Last night, our neighbor came over, and we created and blessed a new house altar dedicated solely to our new TTC efforts. You can see it below:

Of note on the altar are

  • the lavendar candle we always use to symbolize our future child,
  • a moonstone egg (perhaps the most obvious–and fabulous–fertility symbol one might muster up),
  • stones (both gemstones and river/ocean stones) that J and I have collected throughout our years together (these are surrounding the lavendar candle),
  • a rune symbolizing masculine energy and fertility (we thought some balance might be in order),
  • rose petals from our wedding this past June,
  • a prayer shawl blessed by Ammachi (a guru who embodies the divine mother from whom I received darshan–a type of blessing in the form of a hug–before I met J).

There are other altar staples as well–salt water in a bowl that was my great-grandmother’s, a big chunk of amethyst crystal, marigolds, sage, extra candles, and so on.  It feels so good to have this here, to be focusing our energies on creating our baby in such a fresh, new, positive way.

We’re also shifting our focus a little to see if it changes how we cope with this process. We obviously want a baby, and this has always been our focus, but for now we’re looking torward me being pregnant–looking more toward our immediate future. J keeps telling me how beautiful I will be when I’m pregnant, and I keep dreaming about how it will feel. Instead of thinking so much about that baby-shaped hole in our lives, we’re imagining how great it will be when I have a big giant belly full of baby when I officiate our friends’ wedding in July or how annoying and amusing it will be to be stifling nausea  and fatigue when I’m trying to grade final exams in December. Yes, these are the things I am looking forward to, these are the things that are driving us forward and keeping big grins across our faces tonight.


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13 responses to “Guess what’s in our dining room…

  1. jay

    Hooray for sperm and positive energy!!

  2. So nice to feel all that positive energy!! Beautiful altar and beautiful dewar!!

  3. So excited for you both! You’re so ready and open – this just has to happen:)

  4. liberationtheory

    i am absolutely thrilled! i hope this will be your month

  5. I admire your positive energy.

  6. this is all so thrilling! i’m excited for you and want to know all about your first frozen take after the fresh rounds as we’ll be doing the same thing.

    the altar is amazing. all the luck and love in the world to you darling. xo

  7. Hooray! All of it is so exciting – the sperm, the altar, your beautiful outlook.

  8. i hope this month is successful for you, and i really like that TTC altar!

  9. It looks like you are all set up. The break has been good to you.
    Best wishes!

  10. k

    This is it! Glad to see you back in the game, and with such a beautiful spirit about the whole thing. Sending lots of positive energy your way…

  11. Yay for sperm! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! good luck ladies 🙂

  12. poppycat

    Woohoo! Did you ever think a tank full of frozen baby batter could be so exciting!?!
    Wishing, hoping and crossing my fingers for you.

  13. I never knew what it looked like! (Frozen sperm delivered to one’s home — not an alter! 🙂 I’m so excited for you.

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