unnecessary evils

Sometimes when one is fighting to get over a cold, when one has left one’s bed in the middle of the night to sleep on the sofa again because of one’s excessive coughing, and when one has inadvertantly slept on a pile of dry cat vomit on said sofa, one would like the luxury of taking a shower to rid oneself of feelings of utter ickiness. Should such an occasion arise, the luxury of hot water would be much appreciated. It would be a cruel, cruel joke should one turn on the shower to find nothing but cold water at only 7am.


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12 responses to “unnecessary evils

  1. gahhhhh! *shakes fist at hot water heater*

    hope you feel better soon (and so does your hot water heater).

  2. Oh, that’s just awful! I hope you’re back up and about soon.

  3. N

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. How wretched. *hugs*

  4. giggleblue

    i’m soo terribly sorry! i hope you get better soon.

  5. jay

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! poor you!! much sympathy. xxxx

  6. Oh. That’s called a bad morning. Wow. You win a prize or something for all that shit.

  7. HAHAHAHA. Oh I needed a good laugh out loud. Having 3 cats myself, I find that stepping in fresh cat vomit on your way to the toilet in in the middle of the night truly sucks.
    And then no hot water…well. I hope your day got better after that.

  8. ewwww. Also, there’s not much that makes me grumpier than no hot water (aside from the obvious ttc-related disappointments!).

  9. Hot water is a luxury; hot water is a need.

  10. vee

    Erkk! Vomit! At least it was dry(ish?)

  11. tbean

    yuck. yucky. yuck.

  12. ugh. not nice at all. sometimes you just can’t get a break!

    i had a similar-ish experience the other night (sans cold) with dried dog vomit on our comforter….that had been turned upside down (so that the dried vomit was scraping against my leg).

    my experience isn’t as bad as yours though, seeing as you had a cold, and…well, no hot water??? you definitely win.

    hope you’re feeling better soon. xo

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