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Another bulleted post because I can’t think clearly enough to make any kind of coherent connection between the thoughts below:

  • This weekend I came down with the most awful cold, and it’s still going strong. I chose to sleep on the sofa last night because I kept waking up coughing, and I know it was waking J up. This was a good decision because I was up every couple of hours hacking away. The downside of sleeping on the sofa is that the cats think I’m up to feed and let them in and out at their whim. Grrr. Today I have been intolerably cranky. I don’t do sick well.
  • I had to cancel my classes today for the second time this semester due to The Cold, and because I can’t seem to open my mouth without coughing. Many of the students will be pleased with this. The older students will be annoyed. There simply isn’t anything I can do about that. Who doesn’t like a cancelled class, anyway (especially with advance warning)?
  • Last Friday, I was to go pick out the classes I wanted to teach in the spring. By the time my appointent time arrived, all of the classes were gone. It doesn’t look good for teaching next semester. In this economy, J and I are simply delighted to be looking for new careers. Thrilled, I tell you.
  • We went out of town this weekend to see my parents. We were to go golfing with them on Saturday; instead, I sent J with them, and stayed in bed.
  • I was also to see my niece, and I did, but I couldn’t get near her due to the damn super cold. She’s cute though, and she’s getting really big.
  • J is writing a number of letters to the editor regarding Proposition 8. On our trip this weekend, we saw far too many “Yes on 8” signs, and we even saw “No on 8” billboards knocked down. We’re so scared that this damn thing is going to get through. Please, if you haven’t already, make sure that your friends and relatives in California are voting no on this hateful amendment to our state’s constitution.
  • On a more positive note (because I’ve been Debbie Downer for this entire post), in one week, we will have a box on our doorstep that contains frozen biological material. Yes we will.

*cough* I’m going back to bed now. *coughsnifflecough*


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