Last Wasted Egg?

I’m overflowing with fertile signs right now, which means one thing: this is my last spent egg before we get started again.  We’ve got all the paperwork in (again), and with any luck, it will go through without a hitch (ha!). Believe it or not, I’m finally starting to get excited about this.

Next week we have our midwife appointment, and that too is thrilling to me. I can’t wait to see what she’s like in person and to feel another surge of positivity. (Who is this person occupying my head?)

I haven’t been temping. I can’t foce myself to wake up and stick a thermometer in my mouth at 5am (which is what I would have to do for any accuracy due to my early morning teaching schedule). I did it for a year, and I’m tired of it. I’ll do it again next month, I suppose, but I’m feeling whiny about it. Do I have to temp? J keeps scolding me, but I’m thinking I want to toss my thermometer out the window and never look back. I’m feeling like taking chances, like I don’t want to be bound to gazing at charts; they only lead to unhealthy obsessive behavior in me. Will someone give me permission not to temp? Please?

Tonight my mom comes for a brief visit, and Saturday we go to see some very dear friends of ours from Humboldt in their new place in a new town. We get to see where their wedding will be–where I will officiate my very first wedding–but more than anything, we get some time with people who have known us for ages, people with whom we can discuss annoying students, unresponsive and apathetic classes, as well as baby plans, homesickness, and all the rest.

Meanwhile, J is in a paper-grading marathon, and I’ve got to clean. First, though, I’m going for a walk. It’s a beautiful fall day, and I need to be out in it.



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11 responses to “Last Wasted Egg?

  1. I’m glad that you’re starting to feel more excited! I was feeling pretty depressed about TTC this last week and staying off FF has helped. Its so easy to become obsessive. Because of that, I say don’t temp if it will make you crazy. Looking forward to hearing about your midwife appointment.

  2. Whoever this new person in your head is…KEEP HER! I like her 😉 Yay for excitement and positivity girl!! Things are bright and cheery at Reproducing Genius; the new header is lovely! I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to hear about your MW visit….you’ll walk away from there even MORE excited and pumped up about getting preggo. Woo hoo!! Did I mention I’m excited for you? No? Well, I AM!!!! xo

  3. Hip Hip Horray for the last wasted egg! I hope you love the midwife, although it sounds like you will. I give you permission not to temp – espically if it makes you crazy. I hope you have a really wonderful time with your mom and with your dear friends. I am excited for this cycle for you guys.

  4. wow, the time is going by fast and you will be inseminating before you know it! i say pass on the temping and take a well deserved break!

  5. jessica

    (i have a little secret…this month i temped from day 9-19 and then stopped. that way all i have is my surge. i can’t obsess on dips, etc. it has been LOVELY. i get to sleep later, undisturbed (wife, too).

  6. I say don’t temp! Just remember which day of your cycle you are on and get lots of OPKs and you are all set. You know how so many people say “just relax” and you will get pregnant, and it is generally not helpful. But if stopping the thermometer madness helps you relax…maybe it will help you get pregnant!!! 🙂 I’m excited that you are starting again and I’m really glad that you are feeling positive about it.

  7. tbean

    You can SO throw that thermometer out the window, Tim!

    I have never really liked temping. I committed to it for awhile, then stopped. Then when I started going to acupuncture all the time, my acu. lady re-dedicated me to temping. But I always felt that it was just providing more grist for the mill…more data to obsess over and more reasons to feel anxious.

    I stopped temping the second our break started and I haven’t pick up the damn thing since. And I’m into our second “trying” cycle post break. I don’t miss it in the slightest.

    If not temping feels right to you…go with it.

    Yay for the last wasted egg! And the cheery new blog header!

  8. Yay for the last wasted egg! Hopefully you’ll be putting the next one to really good use. I so toss the thermometer. Or, at least, put it safely in the medicine cabinet and see how it goes without it. TTC tools are not helpful if they only cause more stress.

  9. Skip the temping!!! I haven’t done it in months!!! It was helpful in the beginning, to understand my cycle, confirm that my charts are biphasic, I do ovulate, etc. But after that, it’s just one more mindfuck, waking with fear every morning after an insem to see if the temp has dropped, etc. I’ve got pretty regular cycles, thankfully, so I started only using the OPKs on the likely days and it made me so much happier than temping!! Either way, welcome back and YAY for the last wasted egg!

  10. inlocoparentis

    I stopped temping on our third cycle. It never really provided information I could use, because we relied on OPKs to schedule inseminations. All it did was provide information for me to obsessively analyze. It was liberating to be done with it.

  11. vee

    I say ditch the temping. I came to hate it so much – broken sleep, obsession, stress. And once I knew my cycles I found OKPs were quite suffice.

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