fall (a post about not much of anything)

It’s the first day of autumn, my favorite season. J and I have been a bit homesick for Humboldt because now is the time of year when we really loved that place. The weather was actually nice in the fall (the rain hadn’t come yet), and we had our rituals. Last year we had pumpkin pedicures at a local spa. We had our Friday night art walks. We went to the pumpkin patch, made our pear and apple cordials and so much more. Autumn in Humboldt is a lovely time of year.

We both woke up yesterday wanting to be there for fall and feeling a little sad. Instead of letting ourselves wallow in our sadness, we went for a photo shoot within about a ten mile radius of our place. It was lovely. I took my 35mm (with real film!), and J took my digital, and we found all sorts of people/places/things to shoot.

All of this took its toll on my health though. I’ve been fighting some kind of bug–either a sinus infection or a weird cold–and after our outing, I was wiped out. I napped for nearly two hours when we got home, and upon waking, I knew I wouldn’t be going to school today. Honestly, I needed the day off, and while I haven’t exactly been ill today, I’m glad to have the day to lie low.

I’m wanting to surround myself in pumpkin aromas. Last year, after that amazing pumpkin pedicure, I was in such utter bliss that I bought way-too-expensive pumpkin body scrub and pumpkin body butter. These were the most scrumptious products, and I can’t remember what brand they were. Does anyone have any favorite pumpkin spice body products they can recommend? I need to smell like pie.



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2 responses to “fall (a post about not much of anything)

  1. i don’t have a fav, but i’m sure bath and body works would have something…

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I’m still looking for a new pumpkin spice bath product as well. My last two favorites have all stopped being produced. If you find a new one you like, let me know!

    Btw, congrats on your recent wedding. My partner and I are getting married in October and then next year we start the dreaded sperm bank hunt. I’m glad to have found your blog for a reference.

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