do-nothing day

Today is a do-nothing day. We’re spending the day sitting around, watching the fourth season of the 4400, and eating popcorn. We may go for a swim because it’s freakishly hot here. We may watch movies. All I know is that my wife and I get to sit at home and just be. What a lovely thing to do after a week of teaching. Happy weekend, everyone!



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3 responses to “do-nothing day

  1. That sounds like a great day! Happy weekend.

  2. jay

    Ooh, we just read that together (in bed!) and vee said she wants to do that too because it’s what Bonus Ball wants to do. See what you did there? You got my wife to emotionally blackmail me!* Thanks. xx

    * I don’t mind really – I’m just too hyperactive for my own good sometimes.

  3. tbean

    This first full week of teaching totally kicked my ass. Happy do-nothing day/weekend. Enjoy.

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