Labor Day

I was born thirty-three years ago today. It was Labor Day then too, and my poor mom was in labor with me for over 24 hours. I think I was nearly nine pounds. Poor Mom!

Three is a good number for me, so thirty-three ought to be lucky. I think we all know my birthday wish.

Today, J is spoiling me. She brought me flowers, made me breakfast served with mimosas, and we’re going for a picnic later and this great outdoor art and wine spot nearby. More than anything, I’m enjoying having a day with my wife. She’s the perfect gift.


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13 responses to “Labor Day

  1. tbean

    Happy Birthday Timaree! Today is a GREAT day to turn 33! 🙂


  3. vee

    Happy Birthday my dear. I hope all your birthday wishes come true really soon.

  4. jay

    Ah, happy birthday and welcome to thirty-threedom! I certainly hope you get your wishes!! Have a fab day xx

  5. Happy Birthday! My 30’s have been my best! Hope you are enjoying the day with your wife and all your wishes come true.

  6. Happy Birthday! I think Labor Day sounds like a great time for a birthday – it’s one of my favorite holidays (of the minor holiday varieties). I really hope you get your bday wish.

  7. Happy Birthday!! This was my grandmother’s birthday too!
    And 33 has been a great year for me! And brought my BFP wish to me….I really, really hope the same is true for you.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a great day and that your birthday wish comes true soon.

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