I have been a bad, bad blogger of late. With school starting, my whole schedule has been turned upside down. I may be getting used to it though. Because I’m lazy, here are some bullet points to highlight my recent days:

  • I’m sleeping again, and that feels good. We’ll see how tonight goes (Sundays and Tuesdays are my big nights for going to bed early. I hate them. I’m a night owl. This sucks. I fear I’ll be pouting the whole semester long.
  • My morning students are zombies. I believe I may have to start teaching writing through physical activity–that or hypnosis.
  • The evening students are itching to debate. I’ve got to accomodate them soon or they may commit mutiny. That would be fine with me.
  • Saturday during the day, we went to a BBQ to meet some people from a social group associated with our church, but it was a flop. Everyone there seemed a little awkward, but the woman who had invited us (not the hostess) was one of the primary causes of the awkwardness. She’s gay and probably around our age, and for some reason we thought she might be a potential friend, which is why we went. Alas, she’s more than a little socially inappropriate–in fact, she’s downright rude. During our first real conversation at this event, she asked us how much money we make, insisting we couldn’t possibly make a living at what we do. (WTF?) She asked J why she would use a singular pronoun to refer to our cats if they belong to both of us. (Again, WTF?) There were many more weird and inappropriate questions that I can’t remember at the moment, but suffice it to say we were both extraordinarily uncomfortable. Rude woman got up at one point, and J gave me this “Let’s get the fuck out of here!” look. I asked if she had a migraine, and conveniently enough, she did (yeah, right). We snuck out, only telling the very sweet hostess we were leaving. So much for that social group. Oh well.
  • To make up for it all, we had our neighbor over on Saturday night, had drinks, played poker, sang, danced, and generally had a grand time. I don’t think she left until 3am. I guess we all needed to let loose.
  • J started school today. I miss her. For the last six months or so we’ve had a lot of time together–more than we’ve ever had, and both of us have grown rather used to having the other around. On the other hand, it’s really nice to come home from a day at work to a kiss from my wife and the aromas of dinner and candles swirling about. Home feels so much more like home when one spends a few hours a week outside of it.
  • On my “off” days, I’m still working online. I like those days because at heart, I am a homebody, but I have to figure out how to keep these days productive. It’s too easy to spend the day reading blogs and the like.
  • One thing I have found to occupy my time on my off days is walking with my neighbor. We’ve got a good routine going, and we’ve been mapping out some great walks using this site. I loooove the technology. I also discovered that a walk we took last week in 96-degree heat was not 2.5 miles, as I though, but nearly four. No wonder I was so red.
  • I’m enjoying coverage of the Democratic National Convention. J and I are political junkies. We worked on the Dean campaign last time around, so the last one was rather bittersweet, but we’re quite fond of Obama in general. J is very sad that she must miss so much of the coverage of the convention due to teaching, and I’m sad that we don’t get to watch it together. Alas, that is what the internets are for.
  • We will see our niece this weekend, as my family wanted us to come visit to celebrate our birthdays. We hope not to come back angered by a certain male who contributed DNA to the new generation in our family. That is unlikely, however.
  • We may have some new TTC plans. More on that later–maybe even later today!

Ah, yes. That’s my update. It’s long. It’s not so eventful. Such is my life.


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5 responses to “emerging

  1. liberationtheory

    you’re back!! yes i’ve been stalking you. shhh, don’t tell anyone.

    rude people suck major ass.

    for your sleep students, play music to motivate them.. even if it’s jimi hindrix.

    for your students that like to talk, assign them group presentations to teach the class.

    sorry im scrambling trying to GO HOME, even though i didnt finish everything i wanted to do at school. oh well! it be’s like that sometime.

    can’t wait to hear the update on ttc news.

    (i’m mad i left a bullet pointed comment to your bulleted blog)

  2. reproducinggenius

    Ha! I love that you left a bulleted comment. Music is a great idea for that morning class. I may also set up caffeine IVs when they come in. They need something!

  3. “On my “off” days, I’m still working online. I like those days because at heart, I am a homebody, but I have to figure out how to keep these days productive. It’s too easy to spend the day reading blogs and the like.”

    This is me!!

  4. It’s very eventful you silly girl!! Crazy inappropriate gay folks, political insight and BULLETS…you just cant go wrong with those!!! Sorry that social event was such a flop…..sounds like that lady would have done better to just shut her mouth ……….. some people are clueless (ah hem, read my latest post). I’m glad you’re sleeping again and cannot wait to hear about your TTC plans. Also, I SO appreciate your advice and the link on the CTS. I am definitely going to bookmark that and get doing them all the time!!! xo

  5. twoladiesinwaiting

    We missed you. I took a much longer hiatus that you did, but I’m back. Can’t wait to hear about the new TTC plans!

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