Our neighbor’s five-year old son knocked on our door a couple of hours ago. We had left our keys at their place earlier, so he was delivering them. He hadn’t been to our house, so he asked if he could come over. When we told him he had to ask his mom, he yelled across the complex to her, asking if he could come over. After a few minutes of trying to catch our cats and exploring our house, he asked if he could watch a movie with us. He just left after watching A Shark’s Tale with J. We gave him snacks and he asked J many questions about the movie. I have a feeling that won’t be the last time we have a little munchkin knocking on our door.



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5 responses to “visitor

  1. jay

    ahhhh! you have a fan! 😀

  2. vee

    How cute is that. I used to have a number of adults I would visit and hang out with when I was a kid. They were cool!

  3. that’s totally cool! you gotta love the honesty of the little children! inviting himself over for a movie!

  4. Oh that is a great vistor, when I saw your tilte in google reader i was expeting a little animal or something. A cute little boy to watch movies with is so much better.

  5. liberationtheory

    oh my goodness, that story made my entire day!!!

    you know that must be the Spirits preparing ya’ll for a child of your own 🙂

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