To Do

In two short weeks I will be teaching again. Cue the panic. I am teaching two classes that I have taught at other colleges, but not at this one. I am teaching a student population that will be somewhat familiar and yet completely different in this new locale. I am utterly freaking out. And so, I have to start planning my days a little better. With that, comes many, many to do lists. This is my first. I won’t share them all here, but maybe if I have something listed on my blog, I’ll actually remember to do it (Thanks for the inspiration here and here).

  • Spend quality time with my wife when we aren’t talking about students.
  • Cook and eat luxuriously long meals with my wife before we have to rely on the grab-and-go meal or the reheating of weekend leftovers.
  • Read the texts I’m assigning. It seems weird that I would order texts I haven’t read, but that’s what we often do. And I don’t really have to read the whole things, but I do have to familiarize myself with them enough to assign readings appropriately.
  • Plan my classes and write syllabi. It’s been so long since I’ve had to write a new syllabus with new course requirements, new college policies, new everything. Ugh.
  • Find some clothes that I can teach in during hot weather. Before, I had clothes for cold, rainy weather and clothes for cool, foggy weather. Those were essentially the same clothes with added coats, scarves, and umbrellas as needed. These same clothes that I wore in 40-70 degree weather will not work in 80-100 degree weather.
  • Learn to wake up at 5am so that I can teach at 7am.
  • Learn to be coherent and nice at 7am.
  • Join a gym so that I have something productive to do in the eight hours between my classes (I believe I’ve mentioned I’m teaching a hell schedule. Two days a week, I’ll teach from 7-9am and then from 5-7pm. These classes are in two different branches of the college in two separate towns that are fifteen minutes apart, both of which are around thirty minutes from my home. Gas prices, guilt, and practicality preclude me from driving back and forth mid-day, hence the need for something to do.)
  • Come up with some creative, romantic, fun, and inexpensive means for celebrating J’s birthday on the 13th.
  • Send in paperwork to cryobank so that we can inseminate as soon as the paychecks start rolling in.
  • Complete paperwork and other new faculty steps for new school, including fingerprinting, TB tests, and who knows what else. For the record, I’ve been fingerprinted and had FBI background checks performed on me three times just this year.
  • Watch many movies and much television without any guilt that I should be grading papers.
  • Read at least one book for pleasure.
  • Spend at least one night drinking and not thinking about what time I have to get up the next morning.
  • Revel in the absence of papers to grade.
  • Cut and dye my hair. I’ve given up on growing it out, and I’m tired of the mousy brown. I want a hip, short cut, and I want some color (anyone seen any really cute and hip styles that would look good on a femmy, fluffy, thirty-something queer professor type?) The dying of the hair, by the way, will ensure that I get pregnant this fall because then I’ll have to find a creative way to disguise my outgrowth midsemester. Maybe my students will get to see me with a shaved head.
  • Design a new tattoo and get it.
  • Remember that I love teaching. 

This is overwhelming. I think I’ll have a beer.



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6 responses to “To Do

  1. vee

    I’m in awe of the fact that students would actually come to a class starting at 7am!!

    That’s some list! Good luck with ticking all those things off, especially the fun ones.

  2. That IS an overwhelming list! Starting a new routine is hard, man. I’m glad you’ve got fun stuff thrown in there as well:)

  3. liberationtheory

    you know i’m right behind you. i’ve been teaching for a full week already for student leadership camp. needless to say, it has NOT made me miss teaching. we start full days in 2 more weeks, ugh again.

    oops, this isn’t my blob! i hope you enjoy these last two weeks and this year is smooth sailing for you!

  4. tbean

    I got tired just thinking about your list. And grumpy to think of how soon the semester will be starting.
    My two cents is you might wanna waste the gas and do the double commute. 8 hours is a LOOOONNNNGGG time to fill.

  5. It is indeed overwhelming, but you sound so *good*. I have no doubt you’ll transition to your new schedule gracefully. When my hair was really short, I did the blond highlight thing. But that’s sort of out now. I say pick a funky color (like my new ronald mcdonald coif) and pray you don’t hate it. I think you’d look really great with a chestnut warm honey brown. Maybe just add lowlights. You’re gorgeous, so whatever you do will look great.

    Love Love Love.

  6. starrhillgirl

    Hey, those last 2 are on my new list, too. I think I’m going on Friday or Saturday. When will you do yours?

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