a slice of sunday

This morning, J and I overslept and missed UU. Although we regretted missing it, the morning has been such a peaceful one. While I sat on the sofa looking at home furnishings catalogs, J read me this weekend’s film reviews, and we laughed. The cats lounged around with us as we drank our coffee and watched the sun begin to filter in as the fog burned away. When I began to munch on watermelon, our cat Cleo became interested in the aroma. She licked at a piece that I held in my hand until she had her fill.


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4 responses to “a slice of sunday

  1. liberationtheory

    that sounds so beautiful and serene..

  2. ah, the perfect way to spend any sunday! all this talk about watermelon is making me want some.

  3. It sounds like a lovely morning.

  4. I love curling up with catalogs too! And I offer my cats everything, though it’s only for their curiosity usually. I’m glad you had such a nice Sunday. oxox

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