Happy Friday

Our oldest dearest friends are due to arrive at our home in a couple of hours. We haven’t seen them since we moved, so we’re very excited. I’ll post when I can this weekend. The subject of food during this visit should be VERY interesting because one of our friends has been diagnosed with crohn’s disease, and her diet is more limited than any diet I’ve every encountered (no fresh vegetables/fruits, no fiber, no fat, no wheat, no everything that we cook!). I’ll write about those adventures at some point.

Thank you all for reassuring me that I don’t appear to be a grandmother yet. I’m still giggling about that.

Have a good weekend!


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3 responses to “Happy Friday

  1. tbean

    We’re like twins or something…one of my oldest and dearest friends just left after coming Friday night to visit. Now she’s on a plane and I’m sad.

    Hope your weekend was fabulous!

  2. I forgot to say – thanks for posting pics of your farmer’s market! I love that.

    My grandmother had chrones and I’ve had issues with my colon for a while. My raw vegan diet did a number on me. It’s so hard to appease an angry colon. Hope you find some creative ways to!

    Hope your weekend was just perfect. ox

  3. wow! it sounds like the friend can only eat meat. i’m only saying that because that’s the only thing left after all those things you listed!

    but then it would have to be lean meat. no steaks. wow! that’s a tough one.

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