a fake post

I just realized I didn’t post today, but it’s been a big day. I’ve been at my parents’ house doing some house sitting and helping out with the niece. It’s horribly smoky here from some wildfires, and it’s been unbearably hot–107 hot. Blech.

I did, however, get to go on an outing with my sister and the baby today. She had her first shopping trip in a big box store. I would like to share with you a quick story from that outing.

Upon entering the store, people began staring at the baby. An older couple (in their 60s maybe) came up to us, and the woman was ogling the baby. After a few minutes of this and talking with my sister about her, she looked at me and said, “So you must be the proud Grandma!”

I’m certain the wide eyes and open mouth clued her in, or perhaps she looked at me and saw a THIRTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD woman, but she quickly started apologizing telling me I looked young.  Honestly, I didn’t know whether to be offended or to laugh. I chose the latter as I mentioned I was her aunt and not her grandmother.

This just tells me it’s time to get a new piercing, a new tattoo, and maybe a new haircut. It’s time I strive for a slightly more youthful appearance again. Holy shit. Someone thought I was a grandmother. When I told my own grandmother about this, she nearly fell out of her seat laughing.


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14 responses to “a fake post

  1. Definitely laugh about it. I did! 🙂 OMG. You do NOT look like a grandmother, I promise!

  2. vee

    Rudeness!!! Just the kind of foot in mouth thing I’d say without thinking. Not to you though, of course – you look far too young to be a granny!

  3. oh dear.

    someone once thought i was my partner’s MOTHER. she is nine years older than I am. O.O

  4. K

    I kind of love it when people say crazy things like that, actually. There’s just something really funny to me about watching them squirm when I correct them and they realize the magnitude of their mistake. I don’t normally consider myself a sadist, but c’mon, if you’re gonna say something that ridiculous, you can’t be shocked when you get a smack down for it! 😉

  5. notesfrom2moms

    hilarious… i’ve taken to wearing a bigger nose ring lately – i just was feeling very ordinary… i say go for something spunky.

  6. Lord. Laughing is the only sane response. And getting more tattoos.

  7. tbean

    Oy! Laughing is definitely the only appropriate response!

  8. wow! perhaps the old lady had vision problems, no?

  9. liberationtheory

    i would have replied “and you must be proud you made it this long, since you’re now older than dirt.” well, okay, i would have said that in my head and gave her the fake church smile and kept it moving.

  10. jay

    methinks you are TOTALLY ungrandmotherlike!!!!!! just for the record.

  11. A GRANDMOTHER???? That’s ridiculous. You look nothing like one!!! I’m glad you chose to laugh. She probably felt pretty silly after your reaction!! Do keep us posted on the tats, new hair and piercings! Ha! A grandmother…..it’s SO crazy.

  12. LOL! No way her vision was 20/20. You totally do not look like a grandmother!

  13. Whoa, you definitely don’t look like a granny. However, my friend teaches an art class at a women’s prison and just told me about how one of her 31 year old students told her that it was her grand daughter’s 1st birthday. Crazy!

  14. You totally do not look like a grandmother. I am happy you were able to laugh.

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