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Farmer’s Market with J and T

Farmer’s Market last night was fantastic.

Yesterday was extraordinarily hot. I think our high was around 105. Needless to say, J and I were not exactly looking forward to sitting outside in this heat. Nevertheless, we got ourselves together, took a quick trip to the gourmet market for cheese, bread, and wine, and we made our way to our town plaza. Once there, we found a nice shady patch of grass, spread out our blanket, poured a glass of wine, and waited for our friends. We were immediately happy.

As I described yesterday, the farmer’s market in our town is a very festive atmosphere. Last night, there was a great jazz band playing in the little ampitheater on the plaza. There were huge groups with long tables set up with full dinners to serve. There were others like us who were sitting on blankets enjoying some cheese and wine. It was incredible.

J and our friends

J and our friends

Our friends were just as much in the spirit of at all. They had at one time done this regularly, but had gotten out of it, so they were glad to get into the Tuesday night picnic again. We polished off a good amount of wine, enjoyed our cheese and bread and chocolate, and shared all kinds of stories. They also gave us a gift. the woman is a massage therapist, so they gave us each a gift certificate for an hour massage with her. We’re stoked.
Of course, we also spent some time walking around looking at everyone’s wares. We bought tomatoes and strawberries. The blueberries were out in full force, as were the sunflowers.  

We have plans to do this again with these new old friends. We’re loving feeling part of the community finally, and even though we’re still considering leaving next year, we’re finally starting to enjoy where we are.


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