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Farmer’s Market Tonight!

We have a date for Farmer’s Market this evening. With cool people!

When our wedding photo was on the front page of the paper, some people found us whom we met about four or five years ago. During that time, J and I were spending ridiculous amounts of time talking with people about reality TV on an online forum. We had a gang of smart, snarky women who were really great writers, and we met some of them in person. They could have been creepy internet people, but they were really great. And so it happened that we met one of these women. She had just moved to the town where we now live. She took us wine tasting, and she invited us to stay at her house where her husband made us dinner. We all had a great time, but we lost touch.

So a couple of weeks ago, I checked my old email address from the university where I used to teach, and lo and behold, there was an email from this woman. She and her husband had seen us on the front page of the paper, and they decided to find us. Last week, we had coffee with her, and it was great. She’s smart, nice, fun, and the very sort of person that J and I like to hang out with. We had such a good time that we made plans for farmer’s market tonight.

It may seem odd to have a date for farmer’s market, but in this town, farmer’s market is an event. It is a huge town party every week. People bring tables and chairs and real dishes. They bring wine. They bring dinner. They meet up with friends. The produce is outstanding, but it’s really more an excuse to go downtown and have fun with one’s townsfolk. J and I have only gone to this evening market twice, but we haven’t stayed either time. Normally, we go to the low key Friday market where we can quickly pick up our salad greens and eggs and whatever else looks tasty for the week. Honestly, we both have felt like we were missing out on the big Tuesday night event. It just didn’t feel right to go by ourselves when everyone else there had big groups of friends and family. It somehow made us feel even more lonely.

But this is better, and tonight should be a blast. We’re picking up wine and cheese and bread to bring with us. We’ll get our produce too. Mostly, we’ll get to hang out with some great people and feel like we’re real members of a community once again. That’s something to be happy about.


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