mysterius leafy goodness

Have you ever had purslane? J and I stopped at a local farm, and one box looked particularly intriguing. I should mention first that at this far, there are always unusual foods, so we’ve grown accustomed to asking the young farmer guy who seems to run the store what things are, and he’s clearly accustomed to identifying the mystery boxes. In our few visits to this farm, I have learned so much!

So we asked the farmer what it was, and he informed us it was purslane (I couldn’t remember the name when I got home, and I had to look it up based on its characteristics. It was hard.) and urged us to taste it. I have never tasted anything quite like it. We didn’t buy any, but I’m going to have to go back for some. It was wonderfully sour and smooth and crunchy. The fatty acids in it lend this silkiness to its texture that is so unusual for a green. It was so very good! Along with all of that, it supposedly has the highest concentration of Omega-3s second only to fish. Wow! If you can get your hands on some, try it.

I just love finding foods I’ve never tasted.

Are there any rare or unusual foods you eat that you would recommend?

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