Daily Archives: July 6, 2008

wasted again

Today, I have had the worst ovulation pains–or mittelschmertz, rather. It’s like my body is taunting me. I hate wasting my eggs. I hate it. I’ve done this before; in fact, last summer I was in this same position, and it pissed me off then too.

It’s hot here. J and I went for a swim this afternoon and ran into our neighbors, whom I have mentioned here before. The woman informed us that she and her husband had discussed helping us out. J didn’t quite understand what she had said. She thought the husband was thinking about being a sperm donor in general, but it was fairly clear that they wanted to help us. Their hangup is that he was adopted, so they know nothing about his family medical history, and she said they couldn’t do it as a result. In retrospect, it was a little weird. Nevertheless, I thought it was sweet that they thought of us.

We’re leaning much more heavily now toward spermsicles. We want the leisure of having sperm on hand for up to a week should my body decide to be unpredictable. If something else happens (like the abovementioned story), we might reconsider, but at the moment, this feels good. The one thing holding us up is our lack of a spermsicle fund, which we probably won’t have until October.

More waiting for now. Today, there is nothing I can do about wasting yet another egg.


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