J and I are at my parents’ house. We dropped them off at the airport early this morning for a cruise they’re taking. Now J and I are housesitting, enjoying some private 4th of July celebrations like drinking our favorite Mexican beers, grilling, sitting in the hot tub, and loving the peace and quiet that oen can only find in the country. It’s lovely.

We met our niece last night. Little B. stole our hearts. Here she is with her stressed out face. My step-dad is convinced that her last life was a rough one:

The visit with my sister and her baby was bittersweet in some ways. I mean, we loved seeing my parents with their first grandchild. They both are so happy and in love with this baby. It was great to see my sister making her way with her daughter, and it was beautiful for both J and I to see one another with the baby. But then we also both felt our own desire for our baby that much more. These were some tough feelings to reconcile. There is no doubt, however, that we both love this little girl, and we look forward to being her aunts. We just hope that we can provide her with a cousin very soon.

We’re off to the cute little country store for a few finishing touches for dinner. I’m making my basil and red pepper potato salad. Mmm.


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2 responses to “awe

  1. jay

    Ahhhh, cute!! Babies. On a more serious note, I get that feeling, i really do. I hope she gets a cousin very soon too, and I hope you enjoy your time at your parents’ (sounds luxurious!!) xx

  2. your step-dad is going to hell with gasoline drawers on for talking about that baby like that! it’s okay though, i’ll save him a seat. i’m happy you enjoyed the squishy baby!!!

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