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The Foogasm

The term foogasm is one that J and I “coined” a number of years ago when we really started advancing our culinary skills. Now I have learned that the term appears in the Urban Dictionary and thus is not our own original word. So much for our fame. Fortunately, the Urban Dictionary has done the hard work of defining the term for us. Below are their “official” definitions:

1. The feeling of complete contentment and release in that bite of your favorite food. Usually brought on at first vocally finally making you feel good and complete. Like you need nothing else in the world, but to finish eating: “That ice cream made me foogasm.”

2. The act of having an orgasm brought on by eating. The chicken cacciatore was so wonderful I had a foogasm!

One doesn’t typically foogasm every time one eats. This would take the fun out of those extra-perfect meals or flavor combinations. However, we find that trying to make foogasm-worthy meals helps us eat delicious foods no matter how poor we are.

Tonight we had foogasmic food. It was a simple linguine dish with shrimp, butter, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, a splash of a really wonderful chardonnay, lemon juice, and some parmigiana reggiano. It was delightful, simple, inexpensive. I reveled as J moaned through the whole meal. I love it when she enjoys what I cook.

What’s great is that we can have foogasmic meals whether they are simple, light, and healthy–or expensive, decadent, and exotic. I spend a lot of time trying to adapt the more decadent recipes to healthier lighter ones, and in recent years, J has gotten quite good at making lighter versions of our indulgent favorites too (she does amazing things with a veggie burger–and she doesn’t even eat the things.) What can I say? We both love to cook, love our food, and love, love, LOVE a good foogasm.

So what makes you foogasm? And better yet, what can make you foogasm on a budget (we need ideas!)?


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