Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

July, Day One

Before I write anything, I need to celebrate. Vee and Jayare pregnant (well, biologically, Vee is), and we here at Reproducing Genius are over the moon for them. Congratulations, ladies!

In other exciting blog news, I’m participating along with this lovely lady in July’s NaBloPoMo Challenge. This means I’m writing every day for the month of July, and the theme is food. With all of the local produce coming in, it’s a great time to write about food. However, with our financial situation (we’re flat broke), our culinary lives are also a little challenging right now. In short, this should make for some interesting topics. Not to worry, though, if you aren’t that interested in food or how we manage to eat when we have thirty dollars to live on for two weeks, you’ll have other topics to read about. I’ll likely just mention food in most posts. It should be fun, right? If nothing else, it will keep me distracted as I make my way through this long-ass break.

Tonight I’m making chocolate chip cookies–nay, chocolate chip cookie bars–and they’re nearly ready. The house smells of vanilla and butter and toasted sugar. I use Ghirardelli chocolate chips. They’re the best. Anyone want some dessert?


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