a page turns

My sister had her baby girl today. Mother and child are both fine according to my mom. I heard the baby cry over the phone.

I am an aunt for the first time. My mom is a grandmother for the first time. J and I are nowhere closer to being moms.

More later. For now, I need to be very still and figure out how to feel.



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10 responses to “a page turns

  1. What a blessing for your family, and what a complicated set of emotions for you. Congrats & hang in there.

  2. you are right. take the time to be stilil and feel whatever it is that you need to feel.

    each day that passes brings you closer to being a mom. don’t regret the journey!

  3. jay

    i get the stillness. i had to be still too for a long time. hugs xxxx

  4. Sending some love your way.

  5. vee

    Congratulations for you, the auntie; big hugs for you, the mummy.

  6. J

    Hmmm..I give you a lot of credit for being still to figure out your emotions. What a emotional ride.

  7. tbean

    how very confusing and what a conflicting set of emotions
    my only advice–you have permission to feel whatever it is you are feeling and all your feelings are valid–the beautiful and the ugly


  8. thud. I imagine that is how your heart went…sigh.
    thinking of you both.

  9. Congratulations on being an aunt. I bet it’s hard to sort out your emotions on this one – I know it would be for me. But you are closer to being moms – these are all the necessary steps.

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