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goin’ to the county clerk’s office, and…

…we’re gonna get married!

We went to our county’s little Pride celebration today, and at the festival was a booth from our county clerk’s office. They were issuing paperwork for marriage licences and making appointments for weddings. So we made one–for tomorrow! We’re getting married tomorrow, June 16th, at 6pm Pacific Time, and we are so very excited.

Honestly, neither J nor I was ever one of those girls who dreamed of getting married, even before we knew we were gay. We had a commitment ceremony back in 2001 where all of our family and friends came to celebrate. It was a joyous occasion.

In 2004, we became as legal as we could in California and became registered domestic partners. This ensured us a number of protections under California law, and at the time, it seemed about as good as we could get unless we moved to Massachusetts or Canada. But now we get to do it for real. It seems monumental.

What we’re particularly excited about is that we get to do it on the very day, within the very hour, that same-sex marriage becomes legal in California. We’re just as excited to be part of history as we are to have our marriage legally recognized by the state. In some ways, it’s very humbling. In other ways, it’s very surreal.

We still aren’t entirely sure what we’re wearing. It’s a little last-minute for wedding dresses, so we’re probably looking at a skirt, some slacks, some white shirts, some flowers. We both have hair that desperately needs to get cut. In short, we’ll be very much ourselves, and somehow, that seems perfect. What’s great is that we’ll be there with dozens of other couples making the same giant step. Wow.


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