sharing the joy

There are times when J and I find ourselves watching television. On some of those occasions, we see this, and we stare at the television in horror.



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9 responses to “sharing the joy

  1. J

    Oh God. Local commercials deserve their own category of weirdness.

  2. Horror? You stare in horror? I think thats the best commercial I have seen in quite a while. Now I know thats not saying much, but still, it made me laugh. I wish my town had more local kooky commercial makers!! I am totally jealous.

  3. Well, I bet it was cheap to make!

  4. liberationtheory

    well they served it’s purpose– you watched it!

  5. hilarious… we have a local car place

    their newest is a play on idol…. its great.

  6. reproducinggenius

    I so hate local commercials. I thought we had escaped them once we left our tiny hometown, but even in this much larger area with much more successful businesses there are just some scary local commercials, but this is the worst. It haunts me.

  7. LOL! Well, hey at least they speak Spanish!
    That was so bad it was good!

  8. Ohmyfrickfrackingoodness. I remember this commercial and I think my reaction was quite similar…

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