once a teacher + a request for distractions

Amidst all of the missing-this-cycle hoopla, I have not discussed at all a small, but nice, turn of events this week. I have been given a class to teach at the community college in the fall. It’s just one class, so it won’t be much money, and it will be plenty of work with thirty students, but I’m excited.

For some time, I have been convinced that I wouldn’t be teaching again for awhile, and J was in the same position. While we both just have part time teaching positions (at different schools), we will be teaching, and that is important for us. We both thought when we decided to move that we were finished with this career, and once we did move and had breaks from it, we both found ourselves missing it terribly.  So we’re going back to the classroom. This means I’ll have to be a little more careful again not to reveal my identity around here, but I’m very excited to be teaching a new student population in a new school where they know very little about me. It’s my chance to make an impression on my own merit (rather than on my reputation as a student, then grad student, then instructor).

The other good thing about this is that I have something to distract me from the break, and I need plenty of distractions.

And speaking of distractions, does anyone have any good recommendations for distractions? I’m open to nearly everything except for activities that involve large amounts of adrenaline.



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5 responses to “once a teacher + a request for distractions

  1. Congrats on the teaching position!

    1. Build a registry on Findgift.com like I did. Look through my pile of obsessions by searching for “sarah bluemont” in “idaho”
    2. Etsy.com
    3. Weeds, season 3
    4. Boise


  2. tbean

    Yay–that is good work news.

    My favorite distraction is my dog. Gets me out of the house every day no matter how much I feel like lying on the couch and to see him happy is to cheer my heart. And I was NOT a dog person before we got him!

  3. Yay for the teaching position – that’s really great.

    This is my workplace distraction, though I haven’t played in a while:


  4. jay

    Woo for the teaching position! Fab news.

    Distractions – dogs are good, yeah. Vee also recommends this: http://www.lazylaces.com/ I avoid lest I become obsessed. Being slightly weird, I love housework!!

  5. Jigsaws? I can lose myself for hours.

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