worst case scenario

I got a positive OPK today. I’m certain I’ll ovulate tomorrow, and there will be no sperm. He did finally check his email, and he offered to send us a shipment on Monday (for Tuesday). This would have been nice had my body cooperated. But that is not what happened, now is it?

This was to have been our last try with Mr. G before The Long Break. Little did we know we were already in The Long Break when this last cycle ended. In fact, we are currently in The Long Break. Fuck.

So what now? Well, we can’t afford frozen sperm right now, and we don’t want to deal with shipping of fresh sperm. On top of that, we have no male friends–no friends in our new hometown at all–so we’re stuck for awhile until we have more income and can afford frozen sperm. Again, fuck.

Bring on the scotch.



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11 responses to “worst case scenario

  1. well damn. the good thing is that you are a regular ovulator. i’m not sure where your new home town is, but i was a member of this yahoo group for a while called free sperm donors. you may be able to find someone there. also gay family options has a listing a believe.

    i would say a craigslisting, but i don’t know if that’s too risky. i’m sure you guys have thought of some of these options, but if not, i just wanted to throw them in the mix.

    i’m sorry that mr. g didn’t work out for you. i really am. have faith that something will work out!

  2. I am really sorry. How long do you think your break will be? I am thinking of you guys.

  3. fuck. I’m so sorry…i wish i knew some sperm machines in your new town. sending you both a virtual scotch.

  4. tbean

    Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

    I’m sorry.

    You have been dealt a shit hand.



  5. jessie

    Oh friend. I am so so so sorry. Anyway that he could do one more month next month? I’m not sure of the circumstances of your break. Shit. There is room next to me on the sidelines. Big hugs all around.

  6. I’m so sorry – that is so frustrating and painful.

  7. It never rains, but…
    SO sorry.
    In silver lining think though, you’re already 1 month into your long break, without even trying.

  8. damn! so so bummed for you guys. I still think you should o for the insem- just in case. Yeah, I am annoying optimistic girl…
    Do check out the yahoo group & see if there is anyone in your area. Just be warned it can get pretty, um, interesting over there.

  9. I am so sorry. 😦

  10. Fuck, y’all. God, I’m sorry. I’ll have a scotch with you. Donor shit is bad and un-chosen breaks tied to donor shit are the worst.

  11. damn. i’m really sorry.

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