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worst case scenario

I got a positive OPK today. I’m certain I’ll ovulate tomorrow, and there will be no sperm. He did finally check his email, and he offered to send us a shipment on Monday (for Tuesday). This would have been nice had my body cooperated. But that is not what happened, now is it?

This was to have been our last try with Mr. G before The Long Break. Little did we know we were already in The Long Break when this last cycle ended. In fact, we are currently in The Long Break. Fuck.

So what now? Well, we can’t afford frozen sperm right now, and we don’t want to deal with shipping of fresh sperm. On top of that, we have no male friends–no friends in our new hometown at all–so we’re stuck for awhile until we have more income and can afford frozen sperm. Again, fuck.

Bring on the scotch.


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holding pattern

Well, we finally heard from Mr. G–this morning. He’s out of town, was out of town yesterday, and so he would not have been able to send anything even if he had checked his email. In short, no sperm today. But that’s okay. My OPK this morning was light, so I haven’t yet hit my surge. It seems my ovaries may be obeying me for the time being.

If for some reason the tests stay light, and I don’t have a surge until Monday, we’ll ask him to send a shipment then. He’s prepared to do that already. I hope we have reason for him to send it.

All I can do now is wait, take my Vitex, wait, pee on an OPK, wait, and hope beyond all hope that this works out.

I have decided to stop taking my temperature. It has been causing me too much stress in the morning, and I just don’t want that much data. I want to go into this a little more oblivious than usual. I’ll try anything to save myself a little anxiety right now.


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